Renewable energy and biodiversity

The climate emergency becomes that of employees

Global warming was the main topic. Recent weather disruption and COP26 are increasing the pressure. Actions are now being discussed and companies focused on Swiss market can share their experiences. Therefore, this subject is being tackled now by companies which cannot release a lot of resources. They find themselves faced with an urgent need to act, and in a very efficient way, because with limited means.

Federal Council sets parameters for binding climate reporting for large companies

Protecting the environment, strengthening SME (Swiss Climate Foundation)


Environmental concerns revolve around three themes that come together

The other environmental subjects are essentially the circular economy and waste management. These themes allow savings and are complementary. In addition, they are probably easier to implement, with colleagues, than biodiversity because they can be dealt with on a sectoral basis within a company, unlike biodiversity.

A more circular world can tackle climate change


Biodiversity is slowly emerging

The idea that biodiversity and the climate require joint solutions is gaining ground. And it stops for now. In 2020, 17% of companies (according to Focused Reporting) had defined objectives for biodiversity. The tools to integrate biodiversity are still very recent and actions for the climate are already sufficiently occupying the minds. But since biodiversity can be treated in part in the same way as climate, interest in biodiversity is very present and could very quickly become preponderant. This spring’s COP15 will surely help to act.

Focused Reporting | Discover what matters

COP15: Countries debate new biodiversity plan


Sustainability as a means to unite generations within companies

The retirement of the baby boomers (1946-1965) will place the Western economies in a shortage of collaborators. To best negotiate the ecological transition, companies will need the skills of seniors. A new transgenerational solidarity, or social sustainability, could develop and support the desire for transformation of generations y and z (under 30) through the experience of seniors and generation x.

Human Capital as the Resource of the Future (Dr. Steffi Burkhart)



So, stay tuned and step out for fresh air!