Natural resource management and biodiversity conservation are already at the heart of your journey..


Assisting a global brand in the scale up of nature-oriented practices

This brand is one of the leader in the food sector. The project is directed towards the adoption of best practices combining long-term supply-chain benefits and biodiversity restoration. Initial work was focused on the design of a methodology aimed at implementing a biodiversity performance monitoring system at the global level.


corporate Biodiversity strategy (2020)

Supporting a company into making the most of its actions for biodiversity

Many people in the corporate world are environmentally conscious and share a concern for biodiversity. The collaboration aimed to provide channels for that pre-existing awareness to unfold into practical actions within a well-defined biodiversity strategy. The work focused on defining the best way to build an internal concept for establishing roles and responsibilities, and, more importantly, for making the most of current internal initiatives. This was a preliminary phase in the development of further commitments by the company to protecting biodiversity.

corporate biodiversity engagement (2018-2019)

Setting up a biodiversity platform for Swiss businesses

The global conversation on biodiversity is evolving and the private sector is increasingly being called upon to become more involved. This project sponsored by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN led to the launch of a multi-stakeholder platform for business & biodiversity.

As part of a multidisciplinary team working within the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), our role was to bring together several major Swiss companies into what became the SwissBiz4Nature initiative. We jointly worked to build up the corporate partners’ capacity and improve on their biodiversity performance. This innovative scheme also resulted in the creation of new links within the Swiss sustainable development community that are relevant to international initiatives focused on business and biodiversity.

biodiversity performance for license to operate (2018-2019)

Helping a mining company to build its biodiversity commitment with a multidisciplinary approach

The extractive sector is an important economical driver for many low/middle income countries. As part of a multidisciplinary team, our role was to support Rio Tinto in its commitment to a Positive Net Gain approach in its Malagasy operations.

We helped the company to benefit from an advisory committee (the BNRMC Committee) which assesses and provides guidance on the company’s activities in relation to biodiversity, natural resource use, community involvement, and the local economy. In addition to facilitating critical discussions, both online and onsite, our work helped to strengthen the exchanges and common understanding on both sides. We also began monitoring the implementation of the committee’s recommendations.

biodiversity performance of local producer (2010-2017)

Integrating biodiversity performance in local food production

Local producers of the food sector experience their impact and dependency on biodiversity on a daily basis. When land-use or agricultural regulations change, good biodiversity practices become an advantage.

In this project that saw the creation of a sustainability-oriented regional park in the Jura Mountains of the Swiss canton of Vaud, the collaboration brought together producers and distributors in creating a certification scheme integrating biodiversity targets and actions specifically tailored to each product category. These standards were built through co-creative processes and subjected to external audits. The adequacy and transparency of the requirements were thus guaranteed, and the results continue to be monitored today.