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Managing your operations’ risks and impact on biodiversity is all-important, but it can also provide benefits that go well beyond environmental concerns. A collaborative approach to protecting biodiversity, with measurable targets, can help you foster a positive, can-do attitude in your corporate culture. It is a matter of providing the right motivation for hearts and minds… and of having the right partners.

Take advantage of our hands-on experience in tools & metrics 

There are many ways of integrating biodiversity, and tools, metrics and frameworks are constantly evolving. We are at the forefront of applying the latest innovations.


Engaging towards SBTs for nature, testing TNFD guidelines or those of the CSRD, is our experience with these forthcoming standards.


Access to the latest tools is essential for you to integrate effectively biodiversity and nature. It will successfully drive your stakeholder engagement, whether at site, value chain or company level.


Our strong background in field ecology allows you a correct use of metrics for assessing, monitoring and reporting on biodiversity and nature.

Focus on the long-term advantage

By developing a biodiversity strategy, you will reach new business opportunities, strengthen shareholder engagement and meet stakeholder expectations.


We design effective co-creation processes that focus on your actual needs and lead to real enthusiasm and buy-in from relevant teams and staff.


We have a vast network of solution-oriented partners and long experience in creative and agile strategic approaches.


Having at your disposal actualized knowledge of current initiatives and policy frameworks is fundamental to ensuring your strategic investment in biodiversity conservation remains relevant in the long-term.

Demonstrate your achievements

Measuring your biodiversity performance will provide your company with compelling arguments when you need to highlight your contribution to safeguarding nature in front of key audiences.


Use only the latest biodiversity-related quantitative metrics to monitor and report on your biodiversity performance.


Your business is not just like any other. Together, we will select the approach that will best suit your operations and corporate culture.


Leverage on our extensive experience in biodiversity monitoring and environmental issues to create a credible and feasible strategy. 

Obtain additional operational benefits 

Improving your biodiversity performance will help you secure your supply chain and strengthen dialogue with stakeholders and key audiences.


Develop suitable action plans, including biodiversity footprint assessment, impact tracking and multistakeholder collaboration.

Scientific based

Our reasonable, measurable targets are science-based, transparent and trustworthy. We provide you with extensive know-how on a wide variety of ecosystems, governance contexts and legal frameworks.