Renewable energy and biodiversity

Biodiversity has risen higher on the 2021 agenda and this trend is expected to strengthen. Nonetheless, a bit of energizer news might help us stay fully committed. From global to local, here is a selection of these positive vibes to us and nature.


Pioneer business will have to set goals for nature/biodiversity

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development has updated its membership criteria. This business organization gathers the most advanced companies in terms of a sustainable economy. By the end of 2022, its members, among them some of the major Western companies, will release their ambition for recovering nature. This new requirement is a very strong sign for the business community and for consumers. It could be a major driver for making biodiversity a must-have in sustainability.


Consumers demand a private sector engaged with nature

Last year saw the emergence of the Eco-wakening, that global sustainability awareness that has been seen in nature-focused searches on Google. This year, sustainability is back and the consumers are paying more attention to corporate messages. In addition, a leader trend analyser predicts that the demand for nature will remains high, which will be demonstrated by trends such as bringing nature home or embracing outdoor lifestyles.


Time has come for a global UN agreement, paving the way for more effective policies

Nature doesn’t recognize national borders and biodiversity loss occurs all over the planet. After three postponements, this year is going to welcome a new global agreement for biodiversity, at the United Nations COP15. Governments are challenged to deliver an effective framework. NGOs and businesses are expected to take the lead in becoming creators of co-benefits solutions for nature, people and equity.


If even a citizen makes the parliamentarians debate on the ecological emergency

The Swiss parliament will be trained in July on biodiversity loss by scientists. It is the culmination of a month’s hunger strike led by a non-politicized citizen. This special parliamentary session is likely to mark a new stage in the awareness of lawmakers and is entirely unprecedented in the political landscape of this country.


In addition to micro-forests, new trees will grow in a city like Geneva

Trees and micro-forests are important solutions for jointly tackling climate change and biodiversity loss in cities. This year, “the foremost centre of global governance”, the city of Geneva will plant 900 trees, in addition to two micro-forests already planted at the end of 2021. The development of these urban forests will imitate what happens in primary natural forests and additional trees will limit ground warming.


Small villages also make their contribution

Thinking globally and acting locally must also be a reality at the local level. A two thousand inhabitants’ municipality of Switzerland has created a new commission on climate change and environment (see meeting minutes of the 6 Sep 2021). In order to implement an action plan funded by the villagers and supported by the regional government. Such program is the last piece of the Earth’s puzzle for a more sustainable world!

So, stay tuned and step out for fresh air!